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 Exterior Colour Swaps

We offer a full range of premium vehicle wraps from globally trusted vinyl manufacturers such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracal, KPMF and many more. With a vast array of colours and finishes, including gloss, satin, matte, carbon fibre and various other textures, there truly is something for everyone. 


 De-Chrome Packages 

One of the most popular packages we offer here is a vehicle de-chrome. This is a great way of completely transforming the look of your car at a great price. The process of wrapping the dated chrome trims creates a modern look.


 Carbon Fibre Detailing 

Whether it is high gloss or matte/satin, twill weaved or forged, adding carbon fibre creates an improved style and increased level of detail.


 Interior Wraps 

Vehicle interiors also provide an opportunity for improved styling with most vehicle interiors providing smooth surfaces suited to the vinyl application. Unfortunately, some textured finishes prevent sufficient adhesion and therefore cannot be wrapped


 Custom Printed Wraps 

We provide transporting and motorsport branding services of all styles, whether you are a new start up business looking for vehicle graphics, large company looking for full vehicle wraps or a motorsport brand looking for a unique look for your race car. 


 Trailer Wraps 

Whether it's a solid exterior colour swap or a custom printed wrap. Whatever the type, if it has a decent painted finish or smooth surface we have a vinyl product to suit. If its a new trailer you are looking to protect or old trailer you're looking to restore we offer tailored wrapping solutions to create the best possible outcome across all project types


Headlamp Tinting 

Vehicle lights, reflectors and indicators can all be tinted, this modification is a quick and cost effective way of styling any vehicle. We offer an array of translucent films giving our customers a choice of different shades and colours we are also equipped with the knowledge of the legislation so you can choose the right tint for you.

Body / Skirt Kit Fitting Service

We also provide a car body kit installation service including fitting spoilers, bumpers and skirts to tastefully amplify the look of your vehicle.

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